What can each of you do “right now” to get you closer to your goals?

This is a little snippet from my Raleigh presentation at the Total Health Seminar.
The Total Health Seminar is packed with life-changing stories, stress management strategies, nutrition tips, pain management information, financial advice, and relationship expertise.
This seminar was offered by local experts, including: life coach Laura Rose, nutritionist Tonya Peels, holistic health practitioner Carole Hoffman, financial adviser Adam Whitesell, and family, marriage and couple therapist Lesli Doares.   Let me know if you would like something similar in your area.

In my talk, I asked the audience

What can each of you do “right now” to get you closer to your goals?
Financially, nutritionally, physically, relationship wise? What one thing – right now – sitting right here.

Quick hint–
Look around the room, across the room, at your neighbor, and at the speakers.  We’re all different, with different situations and aspirations. But there’s one thing – and it’s the same thing, that each of us can do to get us closer to each and every goal that we have.   Can anyone tell me what that one thing is?

Absolutely! — We can all “think differently”.
And isn’t this what everyone one of these speakers are suggesting here today? That we start thinking just a little differently about our finances, our nutrition, our bodies and our relationships? It doesn’t cost us anything to “think just a little differently”, to change our attitudes about such things.

Albert Einstein is one of my most favorite philosophers. He believed, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

So – if we find ourselves in a bad mood, or stressed or overwhelmed …… try out these “new, slightly different thoughts”.

  • This is hard, but it’s doable
  • There’s a lot here to accomplish – but I don’t have to do it all “right now” or even today.
  • There’s always plenty of time to do the important things.
  • The MUST Dos will always get done – otherwise they aren’t truly “MUST DO’s.” So I don’t have to really worry about having enough time to get them done.

Worried about things?

In these difficult economic times, it’s easy to worry about finances, health,  and family members.

But worry is wasted energy.  Worry won’t positively change any situation.   Worrying about things you can do about is ridiculous.   Just start doing “that something” and the worry disappears. If it’s something you cannot do anything about, shrug.  It’s out of your control.

Discover the power of the SHRUG. (Surrender, Hug, Ridiculous, Unique, Grow)

Surrender – accept that some things are out of our control and shrug about it
Hug – Appreciate people, places, event, things around you – hug yourself
Ridiculous – Rid yourself of the ridiculous self-sabotage. eliminate imaginary dependencies…. Need to do this before that. Go to bed early before I can get up on time.
Unique – acknowledge that you are unique and sometimes people won’t “get you” – and that’s okay. It’s not your job to make them understand you.
Grow – acknowledge that mistakes are part of expanding, developing and evolving.  If we aren’t making mistakes, we’re not learning or evolving.

Thinking positively doesn’t always mean “be positive”.

Thinking differently and thinking positively doesn’t mean “think happy thoughts” or always “be happy”.   Thinking positively actually means think thoughts that moves you in the positive direction.   For instance, if you are depressed and feel powerless, then a positive thought from “powerlessness” and “depression” is actually ANGER or REVENGE .

Not many people would consider “ANGER” or “REVENGE” as a positive, happy-go-lucky thought.  But is it certainly a positive thought from despair.  As Einstein would say, “It’s all relative”.

I have placed 30 tips on my Stress Management Perpetual 30 Day Calendar.   I also have a chart of word substitution to help curb that negative self-talk.  If you would like either of these tools – please contact me at LauraRose@RoseCoaching.info.


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