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Why Did I Join the SVPM Team?

Yes, why did I join the Silicon Valley Project Management (SVPM)? I have years of experience leading software development teams at fortune 500 corporations. I am PMI PMP and SAFe Agilist certified, with more than 100 hours of corporate Agile training. Many corporate Agile teams follow a form of the SCRUM Framework. Enterprise Programs where I contribute, use a form of the Scaled Agile Framework. As a leader of self-organizing teams, I want more hands-on Scrum Team experience. Therefore, the SVPM program’s immersive approach gives me the hands-on experience I need to be confident with Agile and SCRUM. Simultaneously I am learning the frameworks and tools as a team participant. This opportunity is priceless for our Project Managers, Product Managers, or Program Manager/Directors who lead at the senior level.

To be in a network of forever learners

I learned about SVPM through Melinda Wright following a LinkedIn networking workshop. She explained her involvement and progression from Scrum Team Member to leadership as a Scrum Master. Team members can also progress to the Product Owner position. What is so great about this program is that we move at our own pace. We receive excellent coaching from David Bakhtnia and Donald Stringari, the SVPM program co-founders and sponsors. They are available, personally, to assist the teams throughout the Sprints. This is a safe and transparent work environment. We accept Failure and expect Failure. Our leaders encourage us to “fail fast,” adapt, learn, and grow.  

To build confidence in myself and others

I joined the SVPM Scrum Team during Sprint 11 Sprint Planning. There were two Scrum Teams, the Content Management & Administration, and Design & Development teams, I joined the D&D team. As a result, I got three Sprint Backlog Items. Firstly, a team member and I Paired to design and develop a process for adding our volunteers to the SVPM LinkedIn page. Secondly, I commented on an existing SVPM Blog Post. Thirdly, I published original content for the SVPM Blog web site.

In Sprint 12, we launched the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing team. This time, I joined all three teams. My assignments are to publish content to the SVPM Blog website and LinkedIn page, Refine the Sprint Backlog, build the Burn Down Chart, and write the outline for the SVPM Marketing Strategy. I Paired with a team member for areas where I have experience. An Agile Coach is Paired with me in the areas where I am assigned to unfamiliar work. My commitment to Sprint 11 paved the way for autonomy, trust, respect, and confidence in myself and my Team to take on more responsibility. This kind of encouragement is PRICELESS!

To use new tools

The Product Backlog Items I volunteered to complete helped me become familiar with tools used by the team. WordPress is the content management tool. Slack is the team’s communication tool. We use the cutest tool, Doodle, to find a date and time suitable to meet with others. Google Docs is our documentation repository. Yes, Agile Teams develop documentation; processes, procedures, how-to-do-this, etc. Trello is the User Stories and Work Visualization tool. Our Burn Down Chart is a visualization of our Sprint productivity. We use the Fibonacci sequence for estimating Agile Story Points. And, our teams are open to additional tools, we will begin using Jira in Sprint 12.

To be part of something good

Above all, the SVPM program is a good thing. If you are working in an environment where the Agile transition is gradual, this is a good place for you to get ahead of the curve. Join our team to learn and grow in a safe environment. We volunteer for assignments where we are not the experts. Subsequently, we make mistakes while the experts share knowledge. Come be a part of something good. Reach out to any one of our volunteers. Just use the links at the right margin of the SVPM Home page. Or, click right here: to learn more about SVPM and to access the volunteer application. You can also find us here: on LinkedIn.


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