Conflict can be a healthy discussion

Why are we so afraid of disagreement?  Do we always have to “go along to get along” even if we think our team is making a bad decision?  How can we constructively disagree without being labeled “a bad-a..”?   I believe, as did Andy Grove, in constructive criticism.

We have created a Tyranny of Pleasantness – whereby we are always nice, never show emotion, never raise our voices.  Although that’s socially a good idea, we need to be able to be strong when strong and assertive are called for to make our point.  Especially, in the design of a project, those of us with differening opinions need to be able to assert them without being attacked by others.

So, how do you do it?    



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    While I eschew outright mean-spirited behavior, I’ve personally had it with the obsessive “politically correct” and “socially acceptable” the world I sometimes inhabit. That’s why I drum! At least when I am drumming people don’t complain that I am too intense!!! – Kimberly

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