Managing Projects in Large vs. Small Organizations

I’ve managed projects in F100 companies and in small companies. There are positives and negatives in both but sometimes I pine for the other one, the one I’m not currently at. 😥

In a large company there’s usually an entire infrastructure organization to support the project manager. From financial analysts (accountants) who know their job to extra funds squirreled away for when Mr. Murphy shows up with a problem to tools and methods to help you not have to reinvent the wheel. Yet getting a decision made or reaching the right person who can make that decision can be very hard.

In small companies you can reach the top person very quickly and get a decision made. But you don’t have the infrastructure to support you and if there’s a problem with a project you don’t have the extra money you may need to compensate. You may have to reinvent the wheel because there’s no tool or template easily available. And many times doing it right needs to be justified against doing it fast and right doesn’t always win. Not that it wins in the large companies either but there’s usually more receptivity for doing it right.

So, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. 😎 But you still have to deliver the project!


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