Release Your Creative Self

CreateToday, it’s all about doing things differently and doing different things.  Did you know Google runs 50 to 200 search experiments at any given time?

Innovation and creativity is the lifeblood of growth – organizations who think differently and act quickly are the ones who will break from the pack.  Successful project leaders drive the change necessary to realize sustainable growth in organizations.  Do you have what it takes to test new ideas and try new techniques while leading projects to success?

In spite of what you may believe, not all creative people are extroverted and flamboyant.  In fact, some of the most creative forces come from those individuals who appear to be dull and boring; creative people come from all sorts of backgrounds and do not hold stereotypical traits.  Creative people share a common behavior, however; they tend to be brave and are willing to take risks.

Everyone has the potential to be creative.  Simply stated, creativity is the ability to link new information in new ways or apply existing knowledge to a different situation.  Instead of thinking out of the box, I say throw the box away.  Get rid of all boundaries and barriers; eliminate all obstacles and consider new ways to manage project work and project teams.

Think back for a moment and consider at what age have you been most creative?  Many of us identify our childhood as our most creative time, usually between the ages of 5 -10; life was simple and we faced few pressures.  Fewer identify between the ages of 11-16, as this is when many of us feel peer pressure and the need to conform to others.  For those of you who believe you were your most creative during your twenties and thirties, it usually correlates to becoming a parent; we find a renewed sense of creative freedom when we color with our kids or sing out loud.  Regardless of age, we all need permission and praise to be creative.  The personal belief in our ability to apply creative thought is extremely powerful.

 The next time you hold a team meeting, encourage members to dump the box; revisit their childhood, and be willing to try new things.  Imagine the possibilities.


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