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Does this scenario sound familiar?

You get into the office early because you need to review the results of the overnight test run, and mail in the results before the 9:00am meeting.

“Darn, the overnight test failed at stage 6.  Why did that fail?  I need to figure out why and start it back up.
Man – the error code is so cryptic.  I don’t know what it means or how to fix it.  Carl is a waste.  He is always making my job harder. His stuff is never right.  I’ll get him to fix it…it’s his code.  Oh – that’s right.  Carl doesn’t get in the office until 8:30.  But he’s probably awake.  Even if he isn’t — I don’t care.   I’ll find his cell number in his last email.”

When you bring up email, you notice several urgent emails from your 2nd line manager.  You open those up and respond to a few other emails.  In the meantime, other co-workers start to come in and you chat over some coffee.
8:45 am you see Carl coming down the hall and something triggers.

   “I needed Carl for something.  Oh darn!  CARL!
Carl: “Hey!  How are you?”
“Pitiful.  The overnight run failed on stage 6 and the test results were due 2 days ago.  I was able to get an extension for 9:00am today but ….”

Carl: “Dude – that’s in ten minutes.  Why didn’t you call me sooner?”
“Yeah …. I ….”

Although you may not have experienced the exact scenario, but we all have time slip away because of a series of momentary distractions.  Although at the time they are occurring they don’t seem sinister, but in a group they can be very destructive.

Stay tuned for the next installment (Replay with Time-boxing and Parking Lot method) to find out how to handle this situation better.

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