Which is better, thought or action?

Which is better, thought or action?

I’ve heard that “It’s the thought that counts”.
I’ve heard that “Action speaks louder than words.”
I’ve heard that “I think, therefore I am.”
I’ve heard that “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

So – which is “more” right?  Which is more important, thought or action?

Well, for me, it’s similar to the chicken and egg.  They are both equal and critical partners in this evolution we call life.

Everything begins with a thought.  Without thought there is no action.  The idea of the action normally occurs to you before you execute it.  Then your action begets a result.  And the result normally stimulates a new desire or thought.  Without action, there is no “new thought”.  We’ll acquire similar thoughts…because thinking does beget more thinking.  But we would continue to think “the same”.  It’s the action that brings exploration, growth, development to our circle.

There are some interesting caveats to the above theory as well.

Thoughts without action may leads to many interesting and theoretical discussions.  But advances in technology and cultures did not end with the original theory.  This leads us to the following summary:

  • Thoughts without action leaves one stagnant.
  • Publicizing or articulating our “thought of action” to others then leads to commitments.
  • Commitments without follow-through makes one undependable and insincere.
  • Avoiding commitments (thoughts without taking responsibility) makes one useless to others and ignorable.
  • Consistently executing (taking action upon) your commitments builds experience, knowledge and trustworthiness.  (**Equation for Trustworthiness = Sincerity + Reliability + Competence)
  • With skill come confidence, self-assurance, reliability, respectability and integrity.
  • With self-confidence and experience, your imagination grows and you are able to have bigger thoughts.  Bigger thoughts beget innovation and more breakthrough thinking.

So, it would follow that the evolution of a thoughtful modern man would be:


These aren’t easy steps or even sequential steps.  Many cycles occur between and among the steps to achieve the integrity and innovation desired.  But, as with any practiced skill, if they are done deliberately and on purpose, greater strides in our growth become not only easier but actually just the next natural step.

What do you think about these thoughts?


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