Happy New Year!

HappyNewYearAs the guest blogger for the switch from 2007 to 2008, I wanted to do a series of posts looking back over 2007. This week you will see my “Best of PM Network”, reviewing the articles and features that struck me to be “kinda cool”. My methods of determining what’s “kinda cool” are mysterious, even to myself. So sit back, buckle your seat belt, and get ready for an arbitrary ride through PM Network, 2007. It may get a little bumpy. (Although I promise to not post while enjoying New Years Eve intoxication.)

If you are not currently a member of PMI, I recommend it highly and PM Network is one of the many membership benefits.

The list below will serve as an index to the series. Happy New Year!

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JoshNankivel Josh Nankivel is a Project Planning & Controls Control Account Manager and contractor for the ground system of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission, a joint project between the USGS and NASA. His academic background includes a BS in Project Management, summa cum laude.  He can be found writing and contributing in many places within the project management community, and his primary project management website is located at pmstudent.com.


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